Do you use technology responsibly?

To begin with, technology is defined as a set of knowledge and procedures that allow human beings to modify their material and virtual environment to satisfy their needs and create useful solutions to them. Human beings have always been curious by nature. This curiosity has led them to try to discover what exists beyond what they can see. For this they have devised devices, lenses, robots, artificial intelligence, means of communication, and transportation. That with many others, that brings them closer to the object of their curiosity. Water, earth and air are no longer an obstacle to the advancement of human knowledge, since human beings have found the need to face the great challenges offered by nature and the world around them. This led them to go beyond all possible frontiers to find answers to their great questions.

It should be noted that these technological advances have made life easier and more bearable, since they provide us with many benefits in all areas of our daily lives. In the field of medicine, we can see that these advances are focused to overcome and cure countless diseases that we face daily, and these have helped us to prevent, diagnose early and cure diseases that in other times would be deadly for humanity. Nowadays, we can see how mankind is increasing in the need to develop new and advanced technologies to deal quickly, safely and effectively with the ailments that society is facing and provide solutions for their eradication, such is the case of the health emergency that humanity has been facing for months, a pandemic that has been caused by the COVID-19 virus and mankind has been in the desire to find possible solutions through vaccines.

Technology has also positively impacted the field of education, as it has become today an indispensable tool to promote communication between teachers and students in order to facilitate and streamline educational processes allowing equal opportunities for all, promoting knowledge and productivity in the classroom. These open up new innovative, playful and expressive spaces such as games, among others.

This dizzying technological growth despite providing positive benefits can also bring negative consequences for our lives, if we do not give them a proper and controlled use. Since these tools such as the internet, cell phone, tablet, etc. have become so indispensable in our lives that we feel like we die without them and create addictions that often take us away from family, friends and society. In general, it makes us sedentary bringing with it diseases such as obesity and therefore our emotional, mental and psychological health will also be affected.

We also see clearly in today's society that human beings in their desire to get everything they want have dedicated themselves to exploit nature for their own benefit, altering the natural laws, destroying plant and animal species and the environment where they live to turn them into large urban and industrial centers transforming the landscape and climate resulting in pollution, however, the human being is not aware of what is causing and continues to misuse these resources. If mankind does not become aware of this, in the not too distant future we could possibly be ending or exterminating our planet Earth as we know it.

In my personal opinion, I believe that all these technological advances have led mankind to positively transform the lives of all, but it is essential that these advances are also accessible to all. If not, rapid technological changes can increase inequality and move us away from the goal. However, all good things bring negative effects, this seen in the case of the automobile, an indispensable transportational element, but undoubtedly one of the artifacts that pollutes the atmosphere the most due to the gases it emits into the environment.

Another positive aspect of technologies is in the field of education since they bring us closer to knowledge, promoting self-knowledge and teamwork, but they can also harm our health if they are not used properly. According to the above, some questions arise, such as: Can technologies and social networks have a positive impact on the education of children and young people? How can we improve our lives with technology without affecting nature? What actions can be carried out so that humanity makes rational use of resources?

To conclude, we can say that technologies are useful for societies of all times since they have allowed human beings to have a simpler lifestyle in all areas of their life, but they must learn to use it consciously so that it does not cause negative effects on their life and the environment that surround them. Now it is your turn to ask yourself, do you use technology in a responsible way?